Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Updates keep rolling in!

Thank you for all the e-mails about this article!

Sorry forgot the upload this it is from the Greers photos it shows a banner for "Fairfax High School"

From the comment box:

I live a mile and a half away. They're still filming right now, on the
athletic field behind South Middle school. They're also filming in the adjacent
neighborhood behind the school. They have spotlights set up in front of my
daughter's kindergarten teachers home and all around the block. I was amazed on
how much equipment they have on site. The security is extremely tight, as you'd
expect. Looks like Mr. Jackson has a blank check from Paramount on this

Thanks and keep the updates coming!

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Goofenslaffer said...

Last night, the film crew was shooting a scene in the cornfield behind the school. A crew member said it's the scene where the police discover the body of the murdered girl. The whole area was lit up by powerful lights, some on booms eighty feet up in the air. It was quite foggy and hard to make out what was going on, but I could clearly hear Mr. Jackson yelling "ready, action", then "cut" a moment or two later. I only managed to take a couple of pictures before my camera batteries died. The corn field and the athletic field behind the school are a muddy mess, due to all the trucks and equipment being shuffled back and forth in the rain.