Thursday, November 8, 2007

Set Report, 70's Magazine

From Mark:


I came across your blog, because the other day I saw these Hollywood
trailers in my town. Word traveled and I found out that they are doing some
filming for The Lovely Bones in a warehouse in my town Hatfield. I found an
article in the local newspaper, and they said that the set was closed. I just
wanted to know whether or not there would be any opportunity to catch any sort
of glimpse of some of the big names tied to this project. I mean, Steven
Spielberg in Hatfield, PA is probably the biggest thing in the history of the
town. I'm not trying to go around snooping, although I did drive past the set
and found that security was pretty lax. (deleted) But seriously, Steven
Spielberg and Mark Wahlberg. . . ten minutes down the street just completely
blows my mind.

Every week I will post a new 70's era JC Penny Catalogue item. Thanks to Debra for sending these to me!


Sue said...

I know! It is just surreal that there are big name stars and film-making in my neighborhood! I drive by the warehouse every day on way home from work, but don't really see much - just lights on in the trailers.

Maybe I'll try walking down there this weekend, but they might be gone by then.........

evgeers said...

They are filming in East Fallowfield this week - exciting stuff! Just so excited to be able to view it from our front windows! Not to disclose the location but IT IS SO EXCITING! Please post more photos and more updates! :)