Sunday, November 4, 2007

the Stage

They are filming again at the stage in Hatfield.

OK, OK, OK stop sending all the e-mail about me posting exact filming locations. I don't feel like reading anymore of them. Ok, I really only got 4 but still. Here's the deal, last week the a member of the production team contacted me and requested me not to post exact filming locations due to an "incident" they had on set last weekend, involving some fans. So due to that I will not be posting exact filming locations out of respect to the filmmakers. I still will post towns but once you get to the town you have to find it yourself.

Thank you,



No said...

Any more info in the "incident"???

envenom said...

um, people have the right to know what locations they are? its just a film, if some fans are making noise or being annoying im sure they can spend a few dollars on hiring more security if it comes to that?

Lauren said...

I was wondering if by any chance you happen to know of any more filming locations that are taking place this week? I am a full time student in Philly (which is pretty much all I do) and I am in need of some excitement in my life! I have never had the chance to witness a movie being filmed especially one with my favorite actor in it! If you could be so kind as to help me out I would be sooo greatful. You can email me at Thanks. I hope this works!