Thursday, November 29, 2007

Royersford Filming Coverage

Anyone know the rumor about Steven Spielberg being on set again true?

Here are some filming photos from

I somehow managed to infiltrate the "backlot" of the set late this afternoon.
I guess I picked a good time to do it...everyone was on their lunch break! I
spent over two hours sitting on a wall in the parking lot of the Royersford
Police Station, looking out over a section of Main Street. They didn't do ANY
filming during my time there. Unbelievable, isn't it?! Two hours of set-up...can
you imagine? There were all kinds of huge light fixtures positioned throughout
the set, and several smoke/dry ice machines were pumping out steam onto Main
Street. Techs and assistants and extras and locals were milling around, chatting
and hoping to catch a glimpse of someone important.Truth be told, I actually got
bored after a while. After
watching the filming of The Happening
a few months ago, I have decided that
moviemaking is an unbearably tedious process.By 6:30, I was positive that my ass
was frostbitten, so I headed home. I had no feeling in my feet or my fingers,
despite my gloves and heavy socks. Anyway, I didn't see any movie stars tonight,
but I did catch a few glimpses of Peter Jackson (not close enough for a
worthwhile photograph) and also a man who looked suspiciously like Steven
Spielberg. Hmmm...

Thanks to Jenn for this:

If you head over tomorrow, I highly suggest saying you're going to Lebow
furniture. The front windows have 70's furniture in them but they are open for
business, and their huge front windows are literally 15 feet from the action,
facing the house/bar/and bus stop, which are all being used for the movie. The
church at the corner of 4th and Church St. is housing the wardrobe, and I saw
actors coming from there too! The renta cops definitely let the coat get to
their head, but if you're innovative enough, it's not hard to get up close. You
can take great pics from the furniture store too! I said I was taking pics of
furniture to decide on...but..Peter Jackson was 10 feet from Lebow's front door.
If you make friends with a couple of residents on main easily can
get front seats to the best show Rofo has to offer (at least this week).
Calhoun's is holding an invitation only event for residents and cast. Will any
cast actually show?


yeeah this is seann who is ataylor though hahahha. but i was there today
watching from the top of the street for about 45 mins..then me and my friend
walked down and we then realize we were standing with all the extras..then we
walked onto set in a big group of extras and like 5 mins later a security guard
noticed we didnt look 70's at all and just told us to either go across the
street and watch or go back to the top. but they shot the scene were the young
girl is driving the car and peter jackson was in the back of the truck pulling
the car. they were strict about pictures being taken but i got some with my
sidekick so there not the best quality but here they are.

Here are some press stories on the filming:;jsessionid=zrqRHNnbywshzznRX2nD1w73nT5VSqnWkGZdPJGsnspLdFpYcJVQ!-1290892734?_nfpb=true&_pageLabel=pg_article&r21.pgpath=%2FPTM%2FHome&r21.content=%2FPTM%2FHome%2FContentTab_Feature_1172998

This two have video:

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Royersford aka. Fairfax

CBS3 has the video of a live remote they did from they set today and you can watch it here:


Just took some shots today on my way into work, driving through Royersford.
It looks different now that they made some facade changes to some buildings. I
will try to take more today on my way home. The main focus is on Main Street
around 3rd Avenue. For anyone that know the area, the Reporter office was
changed to the Fairfax County Register. An accounting office is now Wynn's
Tavern and Game Room. The PT Gas & Go and Bus Depot Cafe are at the corner
where an auto detail place is. Allen's old Variety Store, now called Open Door,
still has Allen's on the front, but now has signs for fountain sodas. They also
have some equipment in front of the Lebow's outlet store, they may be changing
the front of that as well. Cunningham's Electronics got a new sign out front as
well. I will try to get a shot of the 70's era Smokey the Bear billboard on the
side of the Reporter building.

This is from

I went into Royersford this morning around 9:00 am to see if anything was
going on with the Lovely Bones filming. I did not see any actors, but there was
lots of equipment being set up and many Paramount trucks parked around town. I
did see Peter Jackson arrive in a silver Mercedes SUV. He is in this picture, in
the green jacket pointing down the street. I will post the rest of the pictures
on Flickr today. One of
the union guys actually gave a woman next to me part of the daily sheet that had
the filming schedule on it. I think they were going to start filming at 11:30
but I had to leave to pick up my kids. Otherwise I would have been there all day

Go to to see more set/filming photos!

Set report from the comment box:

When I got home from work I went to the filming set that is 1 block from my house. I can't beleive what it looks like. Today they had brought some of the 1970's cars for the movie. I had taken some pictures that I'll post either my blog or on under GRMU99 I'm going to take off from work tomorrow and Thursday to see it.

Lori posted these set photos and a report on the set more can be found on her blog at

Taken this evening. Some not so great...sorry!This story takes place in 1970s suburban Philadelphia, and the level of details that went into making Main Street in Royersford (which will be the fictional town of Fairfax in the movie) look the part really impresses me. All the storefronts in a four-block stretch have been done up with authentic (or at least authentic-looking) props. From what I've gathered, filming starts tomorrow. Security was EVERYWHERE and parking was sparse. Pretty much all street and lot parking is off-limits within a three-block radius of Main Street.

In my inbox I got an e-mail from someone who typed up a very nice blog post about their son's scenes that he filmed at Valley Forge National Park. Read Here:

Thank you and keep the photos coming!

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Tuesday, November 27, 2007


The past few days they are shooting again at the stage in Hatfield.


On my way to Target today I snapped a few pics of the Lovely Bones action
on Main Street in Royersford. I sat in traffic waiting for a truck of Hollywood
porta-potties to go through. I guess the stars have to go like the rest of us.
Main Street will be closed off at 9:00 am tomorrow morning according to a giant
electronic sign next to the train station. I might be heading over there when
the kiddos are at would be nice to see Dirk Diggler. There were also
1970's cars being delivered, as well as lighting and wires being set up. I will
post more pictures to my flickr account later today, hopefully tomorrow will be
more interesting.

For more go to: (thank you!)


I read an article (can't remember where) filming will take place Wednesday,
November 28. However, Calhoun's Jeweler is also holding an invitation only
reception for the cast memmbers and local business men/women Thursday, November
29, so I am guessing it may be a 2-3 day filming. Also, it is my understanding
that Main Street will be blocked off from 4th to 3rd Avenue but they may be
filming as far down as the RR tracks. Exciting stuff!!!!!

Remember if you get set photos or reports leave a comment or e-mail them to


Sunday, November 25, 2007

MacDade Mall


I ventured into the MacDade Mall today! There really isn't a lot to see
just yet. They still have a lot of work to do in the next two weeks. But can I
just say that this mall has NEVER looked better!!! I really wish that these
stores existed and that the mall contained this kind of brightness like it did
10-15 years ago!! I remember when this mall was full of life and when I was
walking around even though it was so quiet and only a handful of people ventured
throughout it just really made me miss the good old days!! That being said I
decided like a dork to take a few photos! I figured this is a once in a lifetime
chance to see something like this and god only knows once the filming is
complete who knows what will be left of it. They will begin filming the second
week of decemeber for 3 nights only. They will film after hours when the mall is
closed (generally that would be around 5 or 6 p.m.). Stores that I did not take
photos of were a News Stand and a shoe store. They are recreating a toy shop,
menswear store, a woman's shop, Barber Shop and a sandwich shop as you will see
in the photos. New lights have been placed and it looks like a few plant pots
and fountains may also be added! Some of the stores have boxes stacked and I
would assume this is the "merchandise". They will shoot from mid mall down. So
only 1/2 the mall will be recreated. I hope you enjoy the photos. And hopefull
as shooting nears I can get some more photos of what is completed.

Links to other photos:

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Release Date Announced and more!

In addition, the DreamWorks adaptation of the Alice Sebold novel THE LOVELY
BONES, which is being directed by Peter Jackson, will bow on March 13 of the
same year. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon, and Michael
Imperioli, among others, in a story about a murder victim who continues to
observe her family after her death. Like you do.
My buddy Rich at FilmBuffOnline has visited the set and took some snaps and a set report can be found with more photos at

Also from Rich of
...there was no shooting on LOVELY BONES on Saturday because Peter Jackson
was at the Regal King of Prussia Cinema checking out the 1:45 showing of BEOWULF
in 3D and IMAX. He was sitting about six rows in front of me. (And me with the
camera/phone in the car!)
Just found out today from my parents that they are filming some small
scenes in my hometown, Royersford (near Valley Forge and outside of Philly). I
was walking down the main street today and watched as they worked on
transforming some of the store fronts for the movie. Filming is set for November
28th so if anyone lives nearby, take a stroll into town and watch them

Sunday, November 18, 2007


Here is a set report from goofenslaffer:

Last night, the area was ablaze with activity, this time on a side street
just south of the school. This country road has houses along it that date back
to the 1940s and 50s. There was a crew of at least 100, tons of equipment and
bright lights lit up the area once again. There were two Panaflex cameras ready,
one mounted on a motorized cart. Although I had my camera ready, there was no
place to pull off the road to observe the filming and security whisked me out of
there in a hurry, yelling "no pictures". Peter Jackson was there, preparing to
direct the cameras into position. As of late this afternoon, They are done!
Gone! Alas, this unique experience has come to an end. My only regret is that I
didn't take more pictures. I don't expect to see this kind of excitement in my
neighborhood for a long time to come. However, there is a good film to look
forward to this summer.

Thanks to Dana (again!) for the photos and set report:

I don't know if you want to use these photos, but I took them Friday
morning.Thursday night, Jackson and crew was filming at this house. I was
unableto get any pictures that night because security was so damned tight.This
is the house they were filming at. By yesterday afternoon, the crew was
completelygone from the township. The film crew has moved back to Malvern and
startedfilming again last night. They will be filming Monday, Tuesday &
Wednesday and the week after Thanksgiving.

Thursday, November 15, 2007

School Filming

Hey here is a set report and photos from the school set:

Last night, the film crew was shooting a scene in the cornfield behind
the school. A crew member said it's the scene where the police discover the body
of the murdered girl. The whole area was lit up by powerful lights, some on
booms eighty feet up in the air. It was quite foggy and hard to make out what
was going on, but I could clearly hear Mr. Jackson yelling "ready, action", then
"cut" a moment or two later. I only managed to take a couple of pictures before
my camera batteries died. The corn field and the athletic field behind the
school are a muddy mess, due to all the trucks and equipment being shuffled back
and forth in the rain.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Updates keep rolling in!

Thank you for all the e-mails about this article!

Sorry forgot the upload this it is from the Greers photos it shows a banner for "Fairfax High School"

From the comment box:

I live a mile and a half away. They're still filming right now, on the
athletic field behind South Middle school. They're also filming in the adjacent
neighborhood behind the school. They have spotlights set up in front of my
daughter's kindergarten teachers home and all around the block. I was amazed on
how much equipment they have on site. The security is extremely tight, as you'd
expect. Looks like Mr. Jackson has a blank check from Paramount on this

Thanks and keep the updates coming!

Monday, November 12, 2007

Shit load of Updates

Sorry, I have been having some computer troubles, but I am back! Thank you everyone for the updates and keep them coming!
From the comment box:

They are filming in East Fallowfield this week - exciting stuff! Just so
excited to be able to view it from our front windows! Not to disclose the
location but IT IS SO EXCITING! Please post more photos and more updates!

This article is on the filming at the McDade Mall:


Thanks to the Geers for the photos and set report!
Just letting you know that we have a bird's eye view of the school that
they are filling TLB in East Fallowfield. They trucked in bunches of equipment
to The South Brandywine Middle School and at least 2 retro 1970's cop cars...
bunches of stuff going on and starting before 7am and departing between 5-6pm
tonight - long days - exciting stuff - we can send you some photos from the
front of the school - we aren't sure and "what is your experience" of being able
to just stroll over as locals to catch some action? If you want to come camp out
and if we could score a Peter Jackson autograph - we could be convinced to make
a deal with you! Let us know if you are interested in East Fallowfield Filming
updates - They had to ask our neighbor who had a newish truck for sale in the
front yard to move it this AM - so things are going on! Let us know!

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Set Report, 70's Magazine

From Mark:


I came across your blog, because the other day I saw these Hollywood
trailers in my town. Word traveled and I found out that they are doing some
filming for The Lovely Bones in a warehouse in my town Hatfield. I found an
article in the local newspaper, and they said that the set was closed. I just
wanted to know whether or not there would be any opportunity to catch any sort
of glimpse of some of the big names tied to this project. I mean, Steven
Spielberg in Hatfield, PA is probably the biggest thing in the history of the
town. I'm not trying to go around snooping, although I did drive past the set
and found that security was pretty lax. (deleted) But seriously, Steven
Spielberg and Mark Wahlberg. . . ten minutes down the street just completely
blows my mind.

Every week I will post a new 70's era JC Penny Catalogue item. Thanks to Debra for sending these to me!

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Steven Spielberg on set

Thanks to NO for leaving this in the comment box:

Director Steven Spielberg visited the set of "The Lovely Bones" yesterday in
Hatfield, Montgomery County. Spielberg's Dreamworks is releasing the Peter
Jackson film, based on Malvern native Alice Sebold's book. Spielberg and
are working together on a trilogy of films based on "Tintin," a Belgian comics



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Listen at

Sunday, November 4, 2007

the Stage

They are filming again at the stage in Hatfield.

OK, OK, OK stop sending all the e-mail about me posting exact filming locations. I don't feel like reading anymore of them. Ok, I really only got 4 but still. Here's the deal, last week the a member of the production team contacted me and requested me not to post exact filming locations due to an "incident" they had on set last weekend, involving some fans. So due to that I will not be posting exact filming locations out of respect to the filmmakers. I still will post towns but once you get to the town you have to find it yourself.

Thank you,


Friday, November 2, 2007

Hatfield Set

TLB cast and crew is filming in a wharehouse in Hatfield, Pa. Thanks to Chancey Gardener for the report and photos:

Drove by the set of The Lovely Bones in Hatfield, PA today and took a few pix
(not great but looks like the fans on IMDB are ravenous for any

I expected to see more people hanging out but there really
was nothing to see. There were people milling around behind the warehouse
and trailers but didn’t catch any of the stars. Didn’t seem to be much
security around. One of the trailers had a full gym in it with exercise
equipment. Can’t imagine it was props for the movie.

In one
of the pix, you can see the same red Mustang that was in Malvern/Paoli last
One of the pix (sorry for the shakey cam) is the same woman in blue
from last week. Is that Rachel? She ran away as I tried to take the
The other pix are the lunch tent for the crew and the trailers for
the stars.

I spoke to someone who visited the set and they told me
that they built an actual house (exterior and all) inside this warehouse.
Not sure why since they were doing exteriors last week. Maybe they’re
doing SPFX shots to recreate weather? I saw the pix you posted last week
of the sinkhole and it appears they’re going to use CGI to recreate it.