Friday, November 2, 2007

Hatfield Set

TLB cast and crew is filming in a wharehouse in Hatfield, Pa. Thanks to Chancey Gardener for the report and photos:

Drove by the set of The Lovely Bones in Hatfield, PA today and took a few pix
(not great but looks like the fans on IMDB are ravenous for any

I expected to see more people hanging out but there really
was nothing to see. There were people milling around behind the warehouse
and trailers but didn’t catch any of the stars. Didn’t seem to be much
security around. One of the trailers had a full gym in it with exercise
equipment. Can’t imagine it was props for the movie.

In one
of the pix, you can see the same red Mustang that was in Malvern/Paoli last
One of the pix (sorry for the shakey cam) is the same woman in blue
from last week. Is that Rachel? She ran away as I tried to take the
The other pix are the lunch tent for the crew and the trailers for
the stars.

I spoke to someone who visited the set and they told me
that they built an actual house (exterior and all) inside this warehouse.
Not sure why since they were doing exteriors last week. Maybe they’re
doing SPFX shots to recreate weather? I saw the pix you posted last week
of the sinkhole and it appears they’re going to use CGI to recreate it.


Megan said...

The woman in the blue pants & cream vest is Saiorse Ronan (Susie Salmon). She was wearing the same outfit during filming on my street in Malvern.

marissa said...

I just moved from Hatfield, PA after living there for 3+ years. I used to walk my son right past where they're currently filming. We've just moved away, and I'm totally geeked out that they're filming two streets down from where I used to live.

Kjell said...

Where in Hatfield is this? Street intersection? Much appreciated.

xoxdanielle16 said...

Kjell, this is on Clemens Road. It is a new road right next to Fischer Road and it is right past Kohls and Applebees.

Adam said...

I used to work right next to there. I saw everything they did I even got to talk to a couple of the people and saw Steven Speilburg's helicopter land in the parking lot. I used to work for touch stone wireless which was literally right next door. It was pretty cool.