Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Royersford aka. Fairfax

CBS3 has the video of a live remote they did from they set today and you can watch it here:


Just took some shots today on my way into work, driving through Royersford.
It looks different now that they made some facade changes to some buildings. I
will try to take more today on my way home. The main focus is on Main Street
around 3rd Avenue. For anyone that know the area, the Reporter office was
changed to the Fairfax County Register. An accounting office is now Wynn's
Tavern and Game Room. The PT Gas & Go and Bus Depot Cafe are at the corner
where an auto detail place is. Allen's old Variety Store, now called Open Door,
still has Allen's on the front, but now has signs for fountain sodas. They also
have some equipment in front of the Lebow's outlet store, they may be changing
the front of that as well. Cunningham's Electronics got a new sign out front as
well. I will try to get a shot of the 70's era Smokey the Bear billboard on the
side of the Reporter building.

This is from

I went into Royersford this morning around 9:00 am to see if anything was
going on with the Lovely Bones filming. I did not see any actors, but there was
lots of equipment being set up and many Paramount trucks parked around town. I
did see Peter Jackson arrive in a silver Mercedes SUV. He is in this picture, in
the green jacket pointing down the street. I will post the rest of the pictures
on Flickr today. One of
the union guys actually gave a woman next to me part of the daily sheet that had
the filming schedule on it. I think they were going to start filming at 11:30
but I had to leave to pick up my kids. Otherwise I would have been there all day

Go to to see more set/filming photos!

Set report from the comment box:

When I got home from work I went to the filming set that is 1 block from my house. I can't beleive what it looks like. Today they had brought some of the 1970's cars for the movie. I had taken some pictures that I'll post either my blog or on under GRMU99 I'm going to take off from work tomorrow and Thursday to see it.

Lori posted these set photos and a report on the set more can be found on her blog at

Taken this evening. Some not so great...sorry!This story takes place in 1970s suburban Philadelphia, and the level of details that went into making Main Street in Royersford (which will be the fictional town of Fairfax in the movie) look the part really impresses me. All the storefronts in a four-block stretch have been done up with authentic (or at least authentic-looking) props. From what I've gathered, filming starts tomorrow. Security was EVERYWHERE and parking was sparse. Pretty much all street and lot parking is off-limits within a three-block radius of Main Street.

In my inbox I got an e-mail from someone who typed up a very nice blog post about their son's scenes that he filmed at Valley Forge National Park. Read Here:

Thank you and keep the photos coming!

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Lori said...

I took more set pics today/tonight...not great ones, though, and no big names. They're over on my blog.

No said...

Another video here.
Its flash and not sure how long it will be up