Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Release Date Announced and more!

In addition, the DreamWorks adaptation of the Alice Sebold novel THE LOVELY
BONES, which is being directed by Peter Jackson, will bow on March 13 of the
same year. It stars Mark Wahlberg, Rachel Weisz, Susan Sarandon, and Michael
Imperioli, among others, in a story about a murder victim who continues to
observe her family after her death. Like you do.
My buddy Rich at FilmBuffOnline has visited the set and took some snaps and a set report can be found with more photos at

Also from Rich of
...there was no shooting on LOVELY BONES on Saturday because Peter Jackson
was at the Regal King of Prussia Cinema checking out the 1:45 showing of BEOWULF
in 3D and IMAX. He was sitting about six rows in front of me. (And me with the
camera/phone in the car!)
Just found out today from my parents that they are filming some small
scenes in my hometown, Royersford (near Valley Forge and outside of Philly). I
was walking down the main street today and watched as they worked on
transforming some of the store fronts for the movie. Filming is set for November
28th so if anyone lives nearby, take a stroll into town and watch them

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