Monday, December 24, 2007

Happy Holidays and Golden Globes


Lovely Bones child star Saorise Ronan has received a Golden Globe Nomination at the age of 13 for her part in Atonement.

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Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Philly shooting Done

Shooting of Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones concluded in the Philadelphia area on Saturday Dec. 15th. Production will resume in Jan. 2008 in New Zealand. This blog will keep you covered wit sources in New Zealand.

Here is a set report from the McDade Mall:

I actually got inside the mall tonight. Luckily my family has a few
connections in this town. Watched them film a scene with Susan Sarandon
and Saiorse Ronan in the diner. I managed to stay back at a respectful
distance and no one seemed to mind. I was able to watch the scene in a
couple of monitors behind some of the crew. And I can say that Susan
Sarandon walked right past me on her way to do the scene in a big brown coat and
a reddish brown hairdo. She still looks good.

actual scene was about 50 feet away from where I stood. I did see Peter
Jackson doing some directing from afar, and saw Sarandon getting her makeup
fixed in between each take. They must have done 10 or 12 takes of each
segment of the scene. I couldn't hear it so I don't know the lines.
And there had to be about 100 extras they kept filing in and out in an orderly
fashion. Peter Jackson does have an eye for every little detail.

The full inside of the mall looks incredible. Best it's
looked in years. It's going to look amazing on film. Couldn't bring
my camera in though.

Mark Wahlberg had to leave early
tonight, so no autographs tonight. Looks like last night was the time to
get him. I did catch a glimpse of him leaving in a big white
Escalade. Apparently he had to rush off to a charity event in town.

That's all to report. Big crowds of people outside the mall
each night. I'm guessing at least a hundred were still there when I left
at 8 still waiting for a glimpse of anyone. It's probably the most
exciting thing that's happened to this town ever.

Some more Royersford photos:

Breaking News Today: Peter Jackson will produce 'The Hobbit' read more here:


Thursday, December 13, 2007

Photos, McDade

Filming in the USA wraps tomorow and resumes in New Zealand in 2008.
Film at the McDade Mall and the stage is almost done.

Michael sent us these photos of the police cars in the movie:

Thank you to Sarah from The Reporter for e-mailing us this slideshow she put together fearturing the Royersford set:

Thanks to JM for these photos from this weeks shooting at the McDade Mall:

This is a set report from Steve:

I was hanging outside the Mac Dade Mall tonight. I live close by. Mark
Wahlberg did come out and greet fans. He probably signed about a hundred
autographs if not more, and posed for pics with fans. Very acessible guy and
very cool. Got to get an autograph and shake hands with him. Here's a couple of
pics of him signing tonight.

Heard about Susan Sarandon sightings
yesterday. She did not greet the fans, but did wave to them from afar. Michael
Imperioli was also spotted last night leaving the mall and getting into a truck
to go back to his hotel.

You can't get too close to the mall to see
inside. Big screens are up in front of the center doors. But you could walk
around the parking lot. Security and police were there, but they weren't being
mean. I do also believe I got a glimpse of Peter Jackson from afar going back
into the mall. I threw in a few more pics of the mall and of a few extras
hanging outside in their 70's garb.

I have no pics of the inside of the
mall, but I did see it last week. It is amazing. It's going to look great on

Monday, December 10, 2007

Malvern set is done with and McDade Filming

This is from

They wrapped shooting in Malvern on Thursday and have already begun
restoring the houses back to 2007. I was at my sister's house (Queens Ave)
yesterday and there was scaffolding at 2 of the houses. I don't know if they
actually used the snow or not. The scenes I saw being filmed were of the Salmon
family - dad, daughters, son - driving down the road in their orange station
wagon. They were getting ready to shoot another scene at the Salmon house, but
they were shoveling and blowing all the snow off the front lawn. I saw someone
with a sprinkler, too, I guess trying to melt the snow. I didn't stick around
long enough to see which scene. On Tuesday, I was THIS CLOSE to meeting Mark
Wahlberg. I was about 20 feet away from him. He was waiting in his car for the
next scene and the driver turned around in the driveway right in front of us. He
did smile and wave at us, but I guess it was too cold for him to get out and say
hello (thought he'd be used to the cold, being from Boston and all!) The
security guard told me if I wanted him to stop and take a pic, I should bring
one of my kids down with me. SO, I returned after lunch with my son and neice -
bundled up in scarves, hats, mittens, boots, etc. We stood outside for about an
hour waiting. This girl comes onto the set dressed to the nines, high-heeled
boots, skirt, matching scarf and gloves - stands on the set in the cold for 5
minutes and then had the guts to just walk up to M's car to get a photo with
him. The PA walked her down there (someone she knew knows M's driver or
something like that). The security guard was so p.o.ed - he said if she had just
stayed up on the corner with us, Mark would have probably gotten out of the car
and we could have all gotten pics. I was ready to kill her!!!! Oh well. Story of
my life. While we were standing there b/t scenes, PJ walked by us about 5 feet
away. On his way back, he was facing us and he smiled and kind of gave us a head
nod. Pretty cool. I'm too wimpy to actually say anything or ask for anything, so
a smile was enough for me. My family thinks I'm crazy for "stalking" but I
wasn't really. When else will I ever have this kind of opportunity???? :)

Found this newspaper story about TLB:

This e-mail was in my box:

Little tidbit. I went out to lunch today and saw some of those yellow TLB
signs. I thought, what the heck I would follow them. Took me to a staging area,
from there I saw another sign that said "set" I followed that, went past another
sign that said crew parking. Tons of cars parked at a church. I continued to
follow to the filming location. Nothing really to see here. Only interesting
point is its a location that has never been discussed on your board, the IMDB
board or anywhere else. The township is Uwchlan, PA. I suspect they are filming
either a corn field scene here or maybe something at a farm house. There was a
big white tent set up, a catering truck and all the requisite rental trucks and
trailers. Cops wouldn't let me down the street. I did snap a few bad pics
through the windshield before I was turned around. They are at the intersection
of Eagle Hunt Road and Eagle Farms Road.
Cops stopping folks at ---------- Road and ---------- Blvd.Here is a link to a google map of where they are.,+Upper+Uwchlan,+PA&ie=UTF8&ll=40.086527,-75.659441&spn=0.003694,0.008948&t=h&z=17&iwloc=addr&om=1

Also filming at the McDade Mall will be this Tuesday thru Thursday night.

Thank you for the tips and keep them coming.

btw... on you can see the brand new teaser poster...

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

McDade mall set and The Verdict photo

This week they are filming at the The Stage in Hatfield. Which is good because there is snow on the ground.

Thanks to Tim for these videos of the McDade Mall set.

Here is a set photos of the Lifetime TV pilot The Verdict which was filming at city hall yesterday:

Thanks to for the photo more are on the blog.

Sunday, December 2, 2007

TV pilot filming in Philly

Not really TLB related but something else is shooting in Philly.

Here is the story from

Robin Givens and Madchen Amick are in town to film a TV pilot.
If Lifetime bites on The
Verdict, the drama series will be shot here, says Gary Goodman, an executive
vice president of Lionsgate, the production company. He says camera crews will
set up all over downtown, including City Hall and Old City, tomorrow through
Dec. 12.
The Verdict, not to be confused with the 1982 Paul Newman movie, stars Amick - most recently on the
short-lived CBS drama Viva Laughlin after turns on ER, Joey, Twin Peaks and
Gilmore Girls - as a newlywed, newly hired assistant district attorney from a
blue-blood family. The plots will twist on the battle of "old money against new
society," Goodman says.
In the plot, Amick's character (Christine)
prosecutes an Oprah Winfreyesque TV personality named Ayira (played by Givens)
who is accused of murdering her lover. Director Mark Piznarski most recently did
the pilot for the CW's Gossip Girl.
"Philadelphia works creatively,
economically and visually," says Goodman, citing the help of the Greater
Philadelphia Film Office and the state's new tax incentives for producers.
Writer Jon Maas had situated the story in New York, Goodman says, but
Pennsylvania made it more attractive.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Coatesville Filming

THE LOVELY BONES IS FILMING AT DD Family Restaurant on Coatesville, Pa. They seem to be shooting scenes involving a bluescreen so these scenes will feature some CGI. Wait is that fake snow I see?!?!?!?
Thanks to Dana for this e-mail:

Peter Jackson and crew are setting up to film at the DD Diner on business
route 30 in Coatesville tonight. The base camp is on the campus
of Coatesville Senior
High School.There is a flashing sign near the diner that say route 30 will be
closed from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM.They have the usual equipment on site along with
the 70s cars we've seen in all the photos.I walked up the street taking pictures
and was approach by a very rude angry old security guard,who yelled at me to
leave. It's amazing how mean these rent-a-cops can be. I may attempt to walk up there tonight
to see the filming, if I can get past the minions of Allied Barton security

Another e-mail update from Dana:

My son and I watched the filming at the DD Diner last night. All scenes shotwere dramatic (no action). I saw Mr. Jackson directing and the only otherperson I could recognize was Rachel Weisz. There were scenes being shot in front of a blue screen as you can see just to the left in the photo.They were still shooting when we left at 1:30 AM.

Amanda e-mailed me this set report:

Was driving through Coatesville, just outside downtown and they were
filming at a diner right near the highschool around 5pm Fri. Was a major set!
Lights, cranes, crowd of 70's extras, vintage cars and the diner was taken over
by Hollywood and their trucks. Didn't have my camera, really drove into a total
surprise. I live near the school they filmed at and was prepared for that
invasion. Didn't think that downtown Coatesville would make the movie, although
it is quite ahhh… vintage!

Royersford final day of shooting

Thank you everyone for sending in set report and photos keep 'em coming!

Long story short, I went over to the Lovely Bones filming again tonight,
with my accomplice L. After getting kicked out of one area by a grouchy rent a
cop (where there was NO security or even a barricade by the way) we ended up in
front of AnnaMarie's place with a large crowd of locals. They were about to
film, the crew and police were there insisting "NO PICTURES" so I put my camera
away. They were wetting down the street and had some 70s cars ready to be
filmed, one of them a police car. Then, out of nowhere Mark Wahlberg appeared in
front of the crowd. He said he wanted to say hello and thank the town for having
him or something like that. He even signed some autographs, and people on
balconies started snapping pictures, but no one on the ground dared to with a
flash because of security. Then when Mark walked away, people were walking
toward him for autographs I got out my phone, and took this crappy picture. A
security guard then got in my face, pointed at me and yelled really loud, "GO
HOME! GO HOME NOW!" So I got kicked off the set for this crappy picture. Mark
Wahlberg is a nice guy, much nicer than a cranky rent a cop.

Thanks to Lori from
I stood out in the freezing cold on the edge of the set for over six hours
last night. What the hell is wrong with me????

But it was worth it!

Sorry these shots aren't better. He was moving fast, it was relatively
dark, people kept moving in front of my camera, and let's face it...I'm
definitely no professional photographer.The security men there were the surliest
I've ever encountered. As soon as he came walking up to us, they started
screeching, "Put your camera away NOW!" People were taking pictures, anyway.Mark
Wahlberg was way cool and so nice to the gawkers, as always. He signed about
thirty autographs but had to get back to the set. He kept apologizing to
everyone for not being able to stop and pose for pictures and for not
personalizing his autographs. He was only with us for about three minutes, then
he had to go back down to the next block where his scene was being filmed. They
must have done at least a dozen takes on this one scene where he gets hit by a
car. There was a padded mat on the street by the curb, and we watched him
pretend to walk into the path of a car and then tumble onto the ground over and
over again.

Big shout-out to Giovanni's at 5th and Main in Royersford--they carted out
a stack of piping-hot pizzas and fed all of the gawker holdouts around 1 a.m.

I didn't capture any pics from last night's outing, but this morning the
intrepid Jenifer scoped out the
joint, dodged security guards, and grabbed the following shots of downtown
Royersford in all its Seventies-era glory.Of course, the "new" look wasn't much
of a stretch for this stretch of Main Street, and yet the mocked-up store fronts
were so convincing that for a moment Jenifer thought, "Hey, Royersford is really
coming along nicely," following in the footsteps of other local revitalization
efforts in Phoenixville and Spring City.Apart from the guards and a minimal
crew, the area was empty, and there were no signs of the actors or Messrs.
Jackson and Spielberg (rumored to be in town). The only items of note were a
fleet of period cars and the Paramount trailer. For more pics of the shoot,
check out Mommy Blah Blah
and In My Head.

Thank you to J Sykes for this:

Got 2 feet from Mark Wahlberg tonight on the closed set. No pics allowed.
He gave out autographs though for a few of us. Talked to a set insider and they
said Royersford looks like a place you would want to leave, which is why it was
chosen. What a horrible view of this town!

Both of the pics attached will play major roles in the movie. The house and
the bus station.