Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Philly shooting Done

Shooting of Peter Jackson's The Lovely Bones concluded in the Philadelphia area on Saturday Dec. 15th. Production will resume in Jan. 2008 in New Zealand. This blog will keep you covered wit sources in New Zealand.

Here is a set report from the McDade Mall:

I actually got inside the mall tonight. Luckily my family has a few
connections in this town. Watched them film a scene with Susan Sarandon
and Saiorse Ronan in the diner. I managed to stay back at a respectful
distance and no one seemed to mind. I was able to watch the scene in a
couple of monitors behind some of the crew. And I can say that Susan
Sarandon walked right past me on her way to do the scene in a big brown coat and
a reddish brown hairdo. She still looks good.

actual scene was about 50 feet away from where I stood. I did see Peter
Jackson doing some directing from afar, and saw Sarandon getting her makeup
fixed in between each take. They must have done 10 or 12 takes of each
segment of the scene. I couldn't hear it so I don't know the lines.
And there had to be about 100 extras they kept filing in and out in an orderly
fashion. Peter Jackson does have an eye for every little detail.

The full inside of the mall looks incredible. Best it's
looked in years. It's going to look amazing on film. Couldn't bring
my camera in though.

Mark Wahlberg had to leave early
tonight, so no autographs tonight. Looks like last night was the time to
get him. I did catch a glimpse of him leaving in a big white
Escalade. Apparently he had to rush off to a charity event in town.

That's all to report. Big crowds of people outside the mall
each night. I'm guessing at least a hundred were still there when I left
at 8 still waiting for a glimpse of anyone. It's probably the most
exciting thing that's happened to this town ever.

Some more Royersford photos: http://jencapone.blogspot.com/2007/12/lovely-bones-2.html

Breaking News Today: Peter Jackson will produce 'The Hobbit' read more here: http://www.firstshowing.net/2007/12/18/so-peter-jackson-wont-direct-the-hobbit-after-all/


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