Monday, December 10, 2007

Malvern set is done with and McDade Filming

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They wrapped shooting in Malvern on Thursday and have already begun
restoring the houses back to 2007. I was at my sister's house (Queens Ave)
yesterday and there was scaffolding at 2 of the houses. I don't know if they
actually used the snow or not. The scenes I saw being filmed were of the Salmon
family - dad, daughters, son - driving down the road in their orange station
wagon. They were getting ready to shoot another scene at the Salmon house, but
they were shoveling and blowing all the snow off the front lawn. I saw someone
with a sprinkler, too, I guess trying to melt the snow. I didn't stick around
long enough to see which scene. On Tuesday, I was THIS CLOSE to meeting Mark
Wahlberg. I was about 20 feet away from him. He was waiting in his car for the
next scene and the driver turned around in the driveway right in front of us. He
did smile and wave at us, but I guess it was too cold for him to get out and say
hello (thought he'd be used to the cold, being from Boston and all!) The
security guard told me if I wanted him to stop and take a pic, I should bring
one of my kids down with me. SO, I returned after lunch with my son and neice -
bundled up in scarves, hats, mittens, boots, etc. We stood outside for about an
hour waiting. This girl comes onto the set dressed to the nines, high-heeled
boots, skirt, matching scarf and gloves - stands on the set in the cold for 5
minutes and then had the guts to just walk up to M's car to get a photo with
him. The PA walked her down there (someone she knew knows M's driver or
something like that). The security guard was so p.o.ed - he said if she had just
stayed up on the corner with us, Mark would have probably gotten out of the car
and we could have all gotten pics. I was ready to kill her!!!! Oh well. Story of
my life. While we were standing there b/t scenes, PJ walked by us about 5 feet
away. On his way back, he was facing us and he smiled and kind of gave us a head
nod. Pretty cool. I'm too wimpy to actually say anything or ask for anything, so
a smile was enough for me. My family thinks I'm crazy for "stalking" but I
wasn't really. When else will I ever have this kind of opportunity???? :)

Found this newspaper story about TLB:

This e-mail was in my box:

Little tidbit. I went out to lunch today and saw some of those yellow TLB
signs. I thought, what the heck I would follow them. Took me to a staging area,
from there I saw another sign that said "set" I followed that, went past another
sign that said crew parking. Tons of cars parked at a church. I continued to
follow to the filming location. Nothing really to see here. Only interesting
point is its a location that has never been discussed on your board, the IMDB
board or anywhere else. The township is Uwchlan, PA. I suspect they are filming
either a corn field scene here or maybe something at a farm house. There was a
big white tent set up, a catering truck and all the requisite rental trucks and
trailers. Cops wouldn't let me down the street. I did snap a few bad pics
through the windshield before I was turned around. They are at the intersection
of Eagle Hunt Road and Eagle Farms Road.
Cops stopping folks at ---------- Road and ---------- Blvd.Here is a link to a google map of where they are.,+Upper+Uwchlan,+PA&ie=UTF8&ll=40.086527,-75.659441&spn=0.003694,0.008948&t=h&z=17&iwloc=addr&om=1

Also filming at the McDade Mall will be this Tuesday thru Thursday night.

Thank you for the tips and keep them coming.

btw... on you can see the brand new teaser poster...

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