Thursday, December 13, 2007

Photos, McDade

Filming in the USA wraps tomorow and resumes in New Zealand in 2008.
Film at the McDade Mall and the stage is almost done.

Michael sent us these photos of the police cars in the movie:

Thank you to Sarah from The Reporter for e-mailing us this slideshow she put together fearturing the Royersford set:

Thanks to JM for these photos from this weeks shooting at the McDade Mall:

This is a set report from Steve:

I was hanging outside the Mac Dade Mall tonight. I live close by. Mark
Wahlberg did come out and greet fans. He probably signed about a hundred
autographs if not more, and posed for pics with fans. Very acessible guy and
very cool. Got to get an autograph and shake hands with him. Here's a couple of
pics of him signing tonight.

Heard about Susan Sarandon sightings
yesterday. She did not greet the fans, but did wave to them from afar. Michael
Imperioli was also spotted last night leaving the mall and getting into a truck
to go back to his hotel.

You can't get too close to the mall to see
inside. Big screens are up in front of the center doors. But you could walk
around the parking lot. Security and police were there, but they weren't being
mean. I do also believe I got a glimpse of Peter Jackson from afar going back
into the mall. I threw in a few more pics of the mall and of a few extras
hanging outside in their 70's garb.

I have no pics of the inside of the
mall, but I did see it last week. It is amazing. It's going to look great on

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