Saturday, December 1, 2007

Coatesville Filming

THE LOVELY BONES IS FILMING AT DD Family Restaurant on Coatesville, Pa. They seem to be shooting scenes involving a bluescreen so these scenes will feature some CGI. Wait is that fake snow I see?!?!?!?
Thanks to Dana for this e-mail:

Peter Jackson and crew are setting up to film at the DD Diner on business
route 30 in Coatesville tonight. The base camp is on the campus
of Coatesville Senior
High School.There is a flashing sign near the diner that say route 30 will be
closed from 9:00 PM to 1:00 AM.They have the usual equipment on site along with
the 70s cars we've seen in all the photos.I walked up the street taking pictures
and was approach by a very rude angry old security guard,who yelled at me to
leave. It's amazing how mean these rent-a-cops can be. I may attempt to walk up there tonight
to see the filming, if I can get past the minions of Allied Barton security

Another e-mail update from Dana:

My son and I watched the filming at the DD Diner last night. All scenes shotwere dramatic (no action). I saw Mr. Jackson directing and the only otherperson I could recognize was Rachel Weisz. There were scenes being shot in front of a blue screen as you can see just to the left in the photo.They were still shooting when we left at 1:30 AM.

Amanda e-mailed me this set report:

Was driving through Coatesville, just outside downtown and they were
filming at a diner right near the highschool around 5pm Fri. Was a major set!
Lights, cranes, crowd of 70's extras, vintage cars and the diner was taken over
by Hollywood and their trucks. Didn't have my camera, really drove into a total
surprise. I live near the school they filmed at and was prepared for that
invasion. Didn't think that downtown Coatesville would make the movie, although
it is quite ahhh… vintage!


House Frau said...

Glad I am not the only one thinking some of the security guards are total assholes! Obviously they need to keep people away but they don't need to be so nasty.

Jennifer said...

I watched filming off & on all day and found that as long as I behaved myself, the security people were fine. It was the people pushing the limits that made the security grumpy. I was told "no flash" so I listened. Later, I was told "no photos" so I put the camera away. We were privileged to be able to be there in the first place. I wasn't about to push it. They were just doing their job. I was never asked to leave, and the cops weren't called in because of anything I was doing.

Goofenslaffer said...

I wasn't pushing the limits. I was very civil. There jerks are on some sort of power trip and that night, called the cops on me. I told the female cop that showed up, "how are you going to write up the ticket? What would be the charge, being a public place? And what would the judge say?". She replied she honestly didn't know. She turned out to be very friendly and we had a long conversation about film making and Peter Jackson. Now this was weird! Later, in between takes, the security goon said we could shoot some pics. We did, but my camera is a piece of crap and most didn't turn out the way I wanted. I guess security is anticipating arseholes hanging around and are always on the defensive.

*Laur* said...

Anyone know if they are still filming in the area? I've been dying to catch a glimpse and I live right outside of Coatesville. Am I too late?

thunderbunny4 said...

I remember when they were filming this. Me and my buddy were walking home from school and saw everything set up. This guy was taking pictures and standing on the path we took. So we stopped and talked to him as he tried to take some pictures. It wasnt long before the rent-a-cop pushed us away but not before they guy took some pictures and me and my friend stood there mocking the security guard across the street. They were rude but he didnt have much of an impact on me and my buddy. We are teenagers so if you arent my parent and dont give me any respect i dont listen. The security guard was getting a little mad at us standing there and I had homework so i had to go but it was funny to see the guy act the way he did. He thought he had power over us.

Nicole said...

I went to southbrandywine middle school when they were filming there, it was pretty amazing to go to school everyday & see all the oldies cars outside. they had the cafeteria decorated for a while & they even painted our lockers green for the movie. when it comes out, all of my friends are going to see it. i just saw the trailor for it yesterday, i was so excited!