Sunday, December 2, 2007

TV pilot filming in Philly

Not really TLB related but something else is shooting in Philly.

Here is the story from

Robin Givens and Madchen Amick are in town to film a TV pilot.
If Lifetime bites on The
Verdict, the drama series will be shot here, says Gary Goodman, an executive
vice president of Lionsgate, the production company. He says camera crews will
set up all over downtown, including City Hall and Old City, tomorrow through
Dec. 12.
The Verdict, not to be confused with the 1982 Paul Newman movie, stars Amick - most recently on the
short-lived CBS drama Viva Laughlin after turns on ER, Joey, Twin Peaks and
Gilmore Girls - as a newlywed, newly hired assistant district attorney from a
blue-blood family. The plots will twist on the battle of "old money against new
society," Goodman says.
In the plot, Amick's character (Christine)
prosecutes an Oprah Winfreyesque TV personality named Ayira (played by Givens)
who is accused of murdering her lover. Director Mark Piznarski most recently did
the pilot for the CW's Gossip Girl.
"Philadelphia works creatively,
economically and visually," says Goodman, citing the help of the Greater
Philadelphia Film Office and the state's new tax incentives for producers.
Writer Jon Maas had situated the story in New York, Goodman says, but
Pennsylvania made it more attractive.

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HughE2030 said...

I have one shot on my blog of them filming around City Hall on Monday. They are filming there on Tuesday too. Thanks for all your great information.