Monday, October 22, 2007

News and filming location

Here is the base camp for tomorrows filming:

PAOLI, PA 19301

- I have also heard the rumor that they are filming on Queen Ave in Malvern. But who knows.
- Peter Jackson, Susan Sarandon were seen in the Philly area over the past few weeks
-Mark Wahlberg is coming back after 2 weeks away from Philly to film his 4th recent movie to be shot in the Philly area. Here is the list:
1. Invincible
2. Shooter
3. The Happening (just finished 2 weeks ago)
4. The Lovely Bones


'Rings' director rolls into suburbs:

More to come tomorrow.


Laurie Mann said...

Any calls for extras?

Any chance to view any shooting? We hear it's a completely closed set.


missy said...

the inky said

"The DreamWorks production will spend about six weeks in the suburbs, take a holiday break, and pick up in late January in Jackson's New Zealand, where it will be summer."

it'll be interesting to see where the y go

brandon said...

don't forget a 5th movie by mark wahlberg, a scene from The Italian Job when he meets Charlize and his crew in Philly.

No said...

The location posted is only the parking area for extras. Nothing to see there, move along.

No said...

Extras info at
Short answer to question about calls for extras is NO.

No said...

Gosh - This blogger needs a better source for their info. Its not Queen ave its Queens ave, two completely different areas. More precisely its near the corner of Queens Ave and Bryan Ave in Malvern PA 19355. Oh, and if you see yellow and black signs with arrows that say TLB they only will take you to the parking area for extras. I'm not saying where the trailers are parked.

Danielle said...

Theyre filming on Queens Ave which is just off Paoli Pike. Its very easy to spot beings all the cop cars surrounding the neighborhood. Its not completely closed, you can walk down the streets just not drive. Currently they are just filming extras and basic street shots... no stars just yet. Its very neat I reccomend stopping by and checking the neighborhood out its very 70's.

The Banister's said...

I live where they are shooting!!! Yes,the stars have been filmed this week,most of the people on this blog have no idea what you are talking about!! Susan, Rachel and Stanley have all been here!