Thursday, October 25, 2007

Filming Location

The crew is filming on Bryan Ave. in Malvern the base camp is at:

PAOLI, PA 19301

Here is a set report left in the comment box:

I went down to the set the other day on Bryan Road in Malvern. You can see
a little of the set but there is security and police blocking the entrance to
the street. However, both the security and police were pleasant and I was able
to get a glimpse of them setting up for a scene. It would have been nice to see
the actors. Does anyone know where they are staying this week while

Set Report #2:

Theyre filming on Queens Ave which is just off Paoli Pike. Its very easy to
spot beings all the cop cars surrounding the neighborhood. Its not completely
closed, you can walk down the streets just not drive. Currently they are just
filming extras and basic street shots... no stars just yet. Its very neat I
reccomend stopping by and checking the neighborhood out its very

This is from

What a strange notion. As far as I know, the last scene from a movie filmed
in Royersford was from "The Blob". As people ran out of the famous Colonial
Theater, they ran around a corner, which then changed towns completely. People
are seen running around the corner of what is now Annamarie's at the corner of
Fourth and Main.Next month, November, the film crews will once again swarm to
our quiet little town to work on some scenes for the movie "The Lovely Bones".
Residents of Royersford have received a letter from the Borough stating that in
November, Main Street will be closed between 3rd and 4th Avenues, and this block
will be used in the film. Anyone who has read the book may know more about what
scenes may be filmed there.

The same blog found a follow up from

Official has big plans for town’s renewal

By Michael Hays

ROYERSFORD — Academy Award-winning director Peter Jackson of “Lord of the Rings” fame will bring his film crew to this small town of about 4,300 next month to shoot scenes for his new movie, “The Lovely Bones.”Yet Borough Manager Michael Leonard isn’t banking on his town becoming the next movie hot spot in Pennsylvania. Just over a year into his job, this former mayor and borough manager of Conshohocken is focusing on the basics of municipal government — cracking down on building code violations, sprucing up downtown with plants and new cement, and finding ways to finance improvements to the sewer treatment plant.“I’m used to it. I’ve done it before. It’s just a matter of sorting things out,” Leonard said.An early problem he noticed upon taking the job in September 2006 was a lack of building code enforcement and accompanying standards. So Borough Council hired Pennoni & Associates, a professional engineering firm which can deploy its own team of code inspectors.For whatever reason, strict and regular
enforcement lagged in the past. Fire code violations, in addition to smaller
infractions like accumulated trash in front of properties, should become a thing
of the past once inspections begin in January or February, according to
Leonard.A lead engineer with the firm, Khaled Hassan, P.E., also serves as
Limerick’s township engineer.“We needed somebody who was going to be a little
more aggressive,” Leonard said. “It’s important that we have a safe place for
people to live.”Land surrounding the Schuylkill River is one area targeted for
future improvements in Royersford. A one mile walking/biking trail that could
eventually connect with Upper Providence is in the works. Two residential
developments in the same vicinity — River Park and Riverfront — will boast more
than 400 condominiums and apartments once construction finishes.Also on the
riverfront, Leonard said there is a good chance of securing a Pennsylvania Fish
and Game grant to build a boat ramp and fishing pier off First Avenue. A mural
arts program in Philadelphia selected the Giftwares Company building at Second
Avenue and Arch Street for one of their first suburban murals. Art students from
Spring-Ford School District will contribute to the painting, Leonard said.Then
there is Main Street.Peter Jackson may have loved the section between Third and
Fourth avenues, but Leonard sees “a need to brighten up the town a little
bit.”Short-term revitalization efforts include potted plants along Main Street
and the resurfacing of sidewalks. Looking down the road further, Leonard would
like to welcome a new restaurant or bar to the neighborhood. A nighttime fixture
could liven up the town once the sun sets, since Royersford is relatively quite
after 6 p.m., he pointed out.Sales tax revenue is steady but more is needed to
fund improvements. The Borough Council is reviewing options for funding $2.5
million in sewer treatment plant upgrades.“The borough hasn’t had much income
coming in,” the manager said.As a result, staff positions are limited. Leonard
and Donna Zigler, the borough’s administrative assistant, are pretty much it at
city offices. Then there are public works personnel, police officers, volunteer
parks and recreation personnel and few others.Getting work done electronically
is a little bit easier thanks to a $10,000 technology grant secured by state
Sen. John Rafferty, R-44th Dist., and state Rep. Tom Quigley, R-146th Dist.,
Leonard said.One constant in Royersford remains local elected politicians. There
aren’t any challengers in November to the three council members with expiring
terms come January.“You know who you’re working with,” Leonard said.


Lori said...


I live in Limerick, less than a five-minute drive from where they'll be filming in Royersford.

Looks like I'll be stalking Mark Wahlberg yet again!! LOL.

Raptor2569 said...

They Are filming at 82 and Strasburg rd. TODAY! They have cars all over and alot of people around. Sunday Nov 11th!!!

fudgelady said...

Hi, all --

I just blogged about today's location setup in Royersford, in case you want to peek. The link is:

Moses said...

OMG i saw them filming everyday on the bus.....and i live right there...

rebecca said...

An earlier post said that The Blob had been filmed in Royersford as well. Sorry, The Blob was filmed in Phoenixville, a few miles away. The Colonial movie theatre is on Main Street in Phoenixville, not Royersford.

pavel77 said...

Where is the cornfield in the movie located I have been anxious to find it i know where the salmon and harvey's house is but the school and cornfield i cant find

pavel77 said...

anyone know where the school and cornfield are locted i cant find the pics im anxious to find it to visit there and take pics

pavel77 said...

does anybody know where the school and the cornfield are located

rolloff6 said...

I live 1/2 mile from the school and cornfield where lovely bones was taped. The school is South Brandywine middle school in East fallowfield Pa, and the cornfield in right behind the school. Its at the corner of Strasburg rd & doe run rd.

PLAYBAC777 said...

Also, the diner scene was filmed at the D&D diner in coatesville, pa- and in the original BLOB MOVIE ,, the "diner scene" was shot at the diner in downingtown , pa right on Lancaster ave AKA Lincoln HWY.

Don said...

Where is the hospital located?

Unknown said...

Where was the Harvey house

Michele L said...

Where was the Harvey house located thank you